Design & multimedia Event creation & concept
Event Marketing
Entertainer and child minder training
Are you a venue or restaurant which uses entertainers and provides fun kids services? Want to make your entertainers and staff more professional or train them in a new party service? Want to make your establishment more
kid friendly? Hire us
Are you a venue or restaurant which hosts different events? Need someone to help with the marketing of the event and creation of event marketing material? Are you a venue looking for a third party to host events at your venue to increase patrons and revenue? Looking for event creation inspiration and conceptualisation? Need social media marketing event campaigns? Need pop up events? Work with us. Are you an individual needing help with a private function or party? Need help with planning the event? Creating the theme and booking services? Need digital invitations or printable themed decoration? Hire us. Our company has catered for the kiddies event sector for more than 10 years, now we're expanding and taking on the corporate event world, as well the digitial realm. We have provided services for events, now we're creating events as well...